“Summer Math Camp” 

    Is your child looking for a challenge?  Do you want them to stay sharp over the summer with their math?  Then the Summer Math Camp may be right for you and your child.  Math Camp will touch on all 5 math standards; Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Number and Operations in Base Ten, Number and Operations-Fractions, Measurement and Data, and Geometry. Each week will feature developmentally appropriate activities that are exciting and engaging; children will have so much fun, they won’t realize they are learning! The Math Camp will touch on topics that are at current grade level and beyond in a small group setting. Individual sessions can be scheduled by request Tuesday through Thursday.


The “Loveland Summer Math Camp” is being offered this summer by Mr. Kevin Rodriguez—4th grade teacher with MEd in Elementary Mathematics.



For Children going into 4th Grade

Each session will meet for 1 hr once per week

Camp dates are June 25th, July 9th, 16th, 23rd,30th and August 6th

Hurry. Sign up. Space is limited!


You do not have to be at every class.  If vacation or other camps get in the way you can come to as many days as you are able to.


Cost:  The cost for all 6 classes is $120. If you can’t make all six classes then each class is $20. Money must be paid up front for the number of classes you plan to attend. Individual sessions would be $35 for 1 hour.


Contact info: Please contact Kevin Rodriguez by email for more information about specific times and to sign up.



One of my favorite things about teaching is being led by students to teach lessons that aren’t always found in the curriculum. Impromptu lesson in 105 included two parts: the importance of cooperation, and -tion vs -sion.

Fantastic Friday includes team building activities…this mornings game: Down by the Bank. A game that we all learned requires a lot of cooperation, leaders, followers, and a whole lot of listening.

Root word: cooperate- Act jointly towards the same purpose.

Students led a conversation about cooperation including these topics: What it looks like in our everyday life and why it is so important to learn how to cooperate, listen, and love one another….Even when you don’t always agree with their viewpoint.

Take aways:
When you point the finger… Three more are pointing back at you.
Love one another
Some people need to be leaders, and some need to be followers…but it’s good to have a balance.
Take the time to listen to others.
The quieter you are the more you can hear…
And: -tion vs -sion


Good Morning!
We hope you all enjoyed the extended weekend and were safe at home!  The roads down in Oakley weren’t touched, so I was thankful for not having to travel.
As part of our FiT is FuN unit, we are hoping to incorporate some exercise into our homework in the place of homework logs.  
Up until spring break, we are going to have “Fit is Fun” homework tickets.  We will be going over this with our friends today, but wanted to let you all know as well! The next three weeks, we will be sending home 5 tickets/week.  4 reading, 1 math.   Students are to record how many minutes for math/reading and how many minutes exercised per night.
Students will bring in the tickets to be entered in a raffle we will have the Friday before spring break.  **If you have anything fitness/health related items you would like to donate to be raffled off, please send them in, or let us know!! :)
Thank you for your support! 
Make it a great day!
-Kirby, Becky, and Nicole :)

Weekend Updates!



Please check out students newsletters for the fun stuff we have been doing in the classroom! 

Here are a few updates coming our way:

3/3: Marco Pizza Night

3/4: Author Visit from Alan Katz

3/7: Report Cards go home.

3/10: End of Magazine Sale

3/12: Spring Concert P/S @ 6:00, Loss @ 7:30

3/10-3/14: Right to Read Week

3/14: Limo Magazine Sale Lunch

3/21: Spirit Day!

3/22-3/31: SPRING BREAK!


We are being proactive with info about the possibility of more bad weather coming our way and want to stay in touch with you about the procedure if we do not have school on Monday.  


Students will be asked to complete a “BLIZZARD BAG” packet with various items from different subject areas.  


****IF we do NOT have school on Monday— this will be the information you need regarding the “blizzard bags”…

Please see the Blizzard Bag information on the website if there is a closing. Students must complete assignments within a two-week period from the date of posting. Students without access to a computer will be able to complete the posted lessons at school after the reopening of school, and will be granted two weeks from the date of reopening to complete these lessons.  If students are unable to print at home, we will make a paper copy and give to students when they return to school. 


Again, this is only if there is a closing, and students will be given plenty of time to complete the assignments for completion. We are here to answer any and all questions. Thank you for your support! 


Have a good weekend!


Kirby, Nicole, and Becky :)